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Established a decade ago, Exness has developed and become a leader in the forex trading industry. It is the fact that Exness is a great giant in the forex market. It is considered the best choice of many traders. In this article, I will tell you all the Exness account types and hope that this article will give you a good understanding on Exness broker, one of the best online forex brokers.

The reason why Exness is your best choice

Firstly, Exness has got more than a decade of experience in the industry. It is regulated and controlled by FCA and CySEC that are the most reputation organized all over the world. Besides, Exness proves their clarity by publishing all their policies and business information on their official website. The value of annual trading is more than 400 billions dollars in 2018.
It means that many traders have chosen Exness as their broker to work with because Exness is very safe for your trading.Besides, Exness trading fees are very low and all their standard accounts are commission fee. The spread is also small about 0.9 pips for many common currency pairs and slipperage is hardly ever happen.
The best feature of Exness is their deposit and withdraw policy. Many other brokers process your withdrawal request in hours or even days but Exness take a few seconds to process your request by their automatically system and then you can get your money after a blink. No one can do as Exness, and if you want to work with a safe, fast and cost effective broker, Exness is your best choice.

Exness account types

There ares some Exness account types, each of the Exness account types have different features to satisfy all the customers’ needs.

Cent account

This is the account for traders who begin to trade in the forex market. The minimum account balance is only 3$ and there is no limitation of leverage as well as no commission required. The minimum trade is 0.01 lot and traders can open up to more than 1500 positions at the same time. All your transactions can be done within seconds with this account type.

Mini account

This type is also suitable for beginners to the forex market but it also has many functions for exprerence traders. The minimum account balance is only 3$ and there is no limitation of leverage as well as no commission required.  The minimum trade is 0.01 lot and traders can open up to more than 150 positions at the same time. For individual section, you can open as many positions as you want whereas cent account allows you to open only 20 positions.

Classic account

This is the account designed for traders with much experience in the forex market. It requires a 300$ deposit that many beginners do not eager to do. There is no limitation of leverage as well as no commission required. The minimum trade is 0.1 lot which is lower than cent account and mini account. For individual section, you can open as many positions as you want like with mini account.

ECN account

ECN is only used for expert and professional traders. If you're not confident with your trading skills, do not trade with ECN account. It requires a 500$ deposit and the leverage of 1:300. The commission is 60$ for every one million dollars of your trading and you can open up to 2500 positions at the same time
In short, I hope that articles can give you basic understanding on Exness account types. You can access Exness official website to get more knowledge about forex trading and become our value customer. Next, learn about XM broker.


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